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One of the more exciting hair growth treatments now available to patients is PDO threading for hair growth. This nonsurgical procedure can usually be completed in less than an hour, and it can provide very satisfying regrowth outcomes for patients contending with hair loss.

The process involves threading polydiaxonone threads (PDO) just under the surface of the skin on the scalp.This thread embedding therapy, sometimes also known as TET, is derived from the popular PDO threading cosmetic procedure used to lift and rejuvenate facial skin – what you may have heard referred to as a PDO facelift.

When used on the scalp, the process can stimulate new hair growth and provide lasting hair restoration results. Scalp threading can be a great alternative to more invasive surgical hair restorations, and it is often used as a standalone treatment. PDO hair threading also makes a great adjunct therapy to other hair loss interventions, including finasteride and minoxidil treatments, PRP platelet-rich plasma therapy and others.

How Do PDO Threads Work to Stimulate Hair Growth?

  • PDO thread treatments work by stimulating blood flow and collagen, fibroblast and elastin production in the scalp.
  • They also promote cell anagen induction and cell proliferation at the hair bulb and, importantly, stimulate new blood vessel formation and connective tissue generation.
  • Many studies have demonstrated the efficacy of PDO threading for hair growth. Even more promising are the results we are seeing when PDO threads are used in conjunction with other hair restoration treatments.

Who can benefit from it:

  • This treatment can be advisable for the people who are suffering from alopecia.
  • To people who have hereditary baldness(male/female).
  • To people who needs hair density.
  • To people who are in early stages of hair loss due to aging.
  • To people who wants to avoid hair transplant.

What Hair Growth Results Can I Expect?

The results most people see with PDO threading include:

  • New hair regrowth
  • Thicker hair texture
  • A reduced rate of hair loss

You can expect to see noticeable regrowth in 12 weeks, with marked improvement over the course of several months.

Combining PDO threads with PRP or a topical treatment may produce even more noticeable results.

To schedule your hair threading session, simply get in touch with us. Talking to our Hair Restoration Specialist can help you understand which treatments are likely to work best for you.

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