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Revitalize Your Hair with Mesotherapy

Looking for a non-surgical solution to your hair loss problems? Mesotherapy might be the answer you’ve been searching for!

Mesotherapy involves the administration of superficial injections. They usually contain diluted drugs such as minoxidil, vitamins, nutrients and growth factors. The method is used to replace vitamins and minerals that are lost by the body. Mesotherapy helps boost blood circulation to the scalp to stimulate hair follicles. The treatment uses FDA approved concoctions that give a long-acting neutralizing effect on the DTH hormone an excess of which causes hair loss.

The stem cell mesotherapy combines the use of low-level laser, stem cells, and mesotherapy. The ingredients used here is to nourish the hair and make it strong enough to withstand stress and make hair healthy and tough are placenta protein extract and stem cells.

TherapyExperience the revitalizing effects of mesotherapy and PRP treatment today and say hello to healthy, luscious locks!

To promote hair growth, the metabolic processes on the scalp are revitalized.

  1. Stem Cell Meso Therapy
  2. Hair Booster Serum Meso Therapy
  3. Low Level Laser



  • Stimulating the growth of new hair,
  • Hair thickening,
  • Inhibition of hair loss,
  • Boosting the regeneration processes.
  • Improves Hair Texture


  • Androgenic alopecia (baldness) in men,
  • Androgenic alopecia (baldness) in women,
  • Hair thinning,

Ready to revitalize your hair with stem cell therapy? Schedule an appointment with us to explore this innovative treatment option. Our experts will assess your hair condition and recommend the most suitable treatment plan to help you achieve your hair goals.

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